Books & Publications

Knowledge is just as important as supplements, hence why we have a strong range of Books & Publications. Our aim is to provide a book for every aspect you may need advice from your health to your pets health. The range includes further details on Needleless Acupressure, Magnesium Support, Pet health, along with a whole range of other topics.

Most Books & Publications come in eBook form for speed of delivery and to reduce the price to you. However, some publications still come in hardcopy.

‘Mastering Acupuncture’: Safe, No Needle Electro-acupuncture and Microcurrent Stimulation eBook!

  • Directions on How to Stimulate Those Points Effectively
  • Directions on How to Locate Acupuncture Points Accurately
  • Descriptions of the 160 Conditions Treatable with Acupuncture
  • Fully Illustrated Guide for Easy Use

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Book

  • Natural ways of magnesium replenishment
  • Methods of gaining healthy advantage through your skin
  • Captialise on the capability of natural minerals
  • Magnesium can play a "critical role in the maintenance of our health"

EquiHealth™ – Horse Treatment Quick download eBook

  • Pain in Bones, Joints & Muscles
  • Abdominal & Digestive Problems
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Heart & Circulatory Problems

Turning A Blind Eye™ – 10 Step Ebook

  • Comprehensive Guide to Eyesight Problems
  • 10 Step Book and Workbook
  • Proven Solutions by Natural Means
  • Free Audio Book

The Miracle Enzyme™ is Serrapeptase eBook

  • Fantastic eBook telling the story of the "Miracle Enzyme™"
  • Defines the Growing List of Treatable Conditions
  • Contains the fascinating studies, uses and practitioner's reports
  • Eplanation of the Healthy Alternative to Drugs