General Wellbeing

Supplements can greatly improve you general health and wellbeing. Whether you need help with your circulation or have a specific need for a certain vitamin or “Miracle Enzyme” Natural Health Plus can help. Our range of recommendations is carefully selected to ensure that your general wellbeing is both improved and maintained in the long and short term.

See our selection of general wellbeing recommendations and see how much you can benefit today. If you would like further information on any of the below products then simply click on the appropriate blue “More Info” button.

Hydrosol™ Silver 113mls

  • Most Researched Silver Supplement on the Market
  • No Known Harmful Side Effects
  • New Improved Formula
  • May Help Boost Immune System & Reduce Fatigue

Organic Minerals™ 70+ Organic Colloidal Minerals

  • Bottle Does not contain bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Healthier Life from over 70 Trace Minerals
  • Complete Trace Mineral Spectrum
  • Healthier, Skin and Hair

Prescript-Assist® – Soil Based Probiotic

  • Assist in Stabilizing the Gut Mucosal Barrier
  • Maintain Healthy GI-Track MicroFloral Ecologies
  • Promote Normal Bowel Function
  • Support Gut Immune-System

AstaXanthin has Tremendous Promise for Health and Wellbeing

  • Protect the Skin from Damaging Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Enhance the Immune System
  • Improve Fertility
  • Enhance Energy Metabolism

Essential Digestive Plus™ New Improved Formula with FrutaFit® Inulin

  • Balanced Gut Flora Composition and Colonic Function
  • Healthy Digestion with Enzymes Replacement
  • Improved Absorption of Essential Minerals
  • Improved Synthesis of Vitamins

Nascent Iodine 30ml – 1oz (2% Strength)

  • Supports the thyroid and immune system
  • Assists in Detoxification
  • Promotes ans supports healthy Energy Levels
  • Assists the metabolism

Serra Enzyme™ 250,000iu Max Strength

  • These Max Strength (250,000iu) capsules are delay released
  • Promotes Normal Fluid Retention along with Healthy Sinus Activity
  • Assists a healthy body remove accumulated acid from joints and arteries
  • Promotes Accelerated Healing ans enhances Post Surgical Recovery

L-Carnitine Plus CoQ10

  • Improve Heart and Liver health
  • Helps to Burn Fat & Increase Energy
  • Improves Liver and Heart health
  • Assists in the Promotion of Cell Growth