Active Life

A daily dose of liquid vitamins and minerals

  • Includes critical minerals Selenium and Chromium
  • Daily nutritional program
  • Immune system Assistance for the Whole Family
  • Unique combination of 90 Vitamins and Minerals
  • 4 for 3 promo

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Busy lives, poor diet, stress and the demands of modern life can be helped with the powerful nutrients now available in high strength, making it the most economical daily nutritional program available.

Active Life vitamins and Ionic trace minerals is a liquid formula to replace your current dose of vitamin and mineral supplements. This single liquid supplement allows for maximum absorption and utilization of the body 300% more absorbent than tablets!

Active Life also includes the critical minerals selenium and chromium, as well as many others that will help you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Our new and improved formulation now also contains Molybdenum, an important co-enzyme and Iodine for healthy thyroid function.