Gastro Enzyme Therapy

Gastro Enzyme Therapy
Helps Relieve Ulcers, Colitis, Heartburn, Gastritis and Duodenal Ulcers. Gastro has been formulated to help people who suffer from a stressed gallbladder or liver as well as the symptoms mentioned on this page.

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Gastro Enzyme Therapy

Gastro is a gentle combination of herbs and enzymes for digestive tract healing. This gentler, lower-potency blend does not contain Protease, and also supplies the benefits of four supportive herbs, including the soothing properties of Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis). This has great benefit if you have active or bleeding ulcers and you need to take Digestive to aid in better digestion, it is recommended that you take Gastro for 2 weeks or until the discomfort in the digestive tract is gone, and then begin regular use of Digestive.

Marshmallow root relieves irritation and inflammation in the mucous membranes of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Papaya leaf selectively digests dead tissue without harming live tissue. It also protects the stomach from damage and the formation of ulcers.

Prickly Ash relieves gastric distress, supports the glands and assists in tissue repair.

Three (3) capsules immediately after eating meals or snacks. May be taken when gastrointestinal discomfort exists, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Please note: The detectable amount of barley in this product is below the acceptable threshold to be gluten free, however, it is impossible to say it is 100% gluten free.

  • Enzymatic support
  • Gentle blend of herbs and enzymes
  • Helps to break down all food groups
  • May help to soothe irritation and inflammation
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