Immunity Supplements

If you find yourself getting ill often, your immune system may benefit from a little support. At Natural Health Plus, we supply a range of immunity supplements, including vitamins for the immune system and natural remedies. Browse our range below to find the best immune booster for your lifestyle.

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Immune system supplements

What Is Immunity?

Immunity is simply the ability of a living thing to resist harmful micro organisms. In humans, this is the ability to ward off disease and infections.

Immunity is a complex biological system, where the organism can recognise what belongs to it and what doesn't. If something enters the organism that does not belong to it, the immune system of the organism will act to remove the foreign entity.

The Immune System

You immune system is made up of various cells, tissues and organs. These each have a special role and work together to keep you free from infection.

What Causes Weakened Immunity?

Your immunity can be affected by many influences. Your age, lifestyle and even the immune system you were born with affects how strong or weak your immunity is. However, other factors are known to weaken the immune system:

  • Diesease;
  • Poor nutrition;
  • Smoking;
  • Certain medications;
  • Alcohol.

How To Boost The Immune System

If you find yourself always getting a cold, have high-stress levels, are constantly tired, have frequent tummy troubles, or a combination, this can show that you may have a weakened immune system. Luckily, there are simple ways that you can give your immune system a boost naturally:

  • Get plenty of sleep (most adults need between 7 and 9 hours a night)
  • Eat a healthy diet;
  • Exercise regularly;
  • Reduce stress (try mindfulness or meditation);
  • Take immune boosting supplements

Supplements To Boost The Immune System

There are plenty of vitamins and other supplements that can help to boost a weak immune system. We supply single supplements, or those with a mix to help with your immunity. Supplement ingredients that can help to give your immune system a natural boost, these include:

Vitamin C This vitamin is a natural antioxidant that supports your immune system. Vitamin C boosts the immune system by protecting cells from free radical damage.

Vitamin D This vitamin plays an important role in immune response. A deficiency in vitamin D increases your vulnerability to infection.

Folate A water-soluable B-Vitamin, folate helps to make healthy red blood cells. It is thought that a lack of folate may impair immunity.

Zinc An important trace mineral, zinc has a number of roles in the body. Zinc also has a number of roles in immune system function.

Our range of immunity-boosting supplements include topical bath flakes and tablets. There are natural remedies and combinations of vitamins and minerals to boost your immunity. We even supply immune-boosting supplements for vegans. Browse our range above to find the immunity supplement for your lifestyle.

Please consult your GP if you are concerned about your immunity.