HealthPoint Kit

Become A Master Of Needleless Acupressure

  • Help every condition that responds to Acupuncture
  • Help most Eye conditions using cotton bud on the points
  • Help Stress and Anxiety using the Earclip
  • Locate acupuncture points accurately

Featured in: Needleless Acupressure

The medical profession increasingly recognises the contribution that can be made by acupuncture in the relief of many complaints.

HealthPoint™ Pack – Enables anyone to become a Master of Acupressure and to help any condition that responds to a master acupuncturist. This complete kit contains;

  • HealthPoint™ Kit
  • HealthPoint™ Additional Device
  • EarClips™
  • Cotton Bud Probe
  • Mastering Acupressure Book | eBook Available Here
  • HealthPoint™ Gold Probe
  • Replacement HealthPoint™ Device
  • Dog Acupressure Book

There are already many kinds of pain-relief devices and treatments on the market – so what is different about HealthPoint?

Nothing works as fast or as effectively as HealthPoint! HealthPoint is unique. It is based on the medically proven principle of acupuncture – but without needles. It gives fast, safe relief from over 160 conditions.

It even treats non-pain conditions! Because HealthPoint stimulates your body’s own healing system it can be used effectively for Insomnia, stress and a host of other problems – even bed-wetting in children.

It’s safe – Even for Children! HealthPoint has absolutely no side effects.

It gets better – It doesn’t wear off! The more you use HealthPoint the more effective it becomes.