Advanced Immune System Support From Sterols Ten years of clinical trials at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa have revealed that the active compounds found in Moducare are potentially effective immune supporters.

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Sterols are fats found in every plant, whether it is a fruit or vegetable. Chemically, sterols are very similar to the animal fat cholesterol. Animals make and use cholesterol, but plants use phytosterols. Sterols are abundant in all plants, but because of the processing of most foods, naturally occurring sterols are leeched from plants. And even if we could eat plant foods rich in sterols, we would have to eat 500-700 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables to derive 100 grams of sterols. This makes supplementing sterols helpful.

One study, published in the International Journal of Immunopharmacology, showed that sterols have a significant effect on T-cells. Another experiment showed an increase in Natural Killer Cell activity when sterols were used.

Also, sterols and sterolins are able to enhance the activity of the TH1 T-helper cells, cells that control autoimmune processes. These same cells are also underactive in cases of allergies (including gut allergies): due to this under activity, the cells, which release allergic factors, go uncontrolled.

Please note, not to be taken by recipients of organ and tissue transplants. Diabetics consult a healthcare professional before use as Moducare may reduce Insulin requirements.

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