Organic Minerals

70+ Organic Colloidal Minerals

  • Bottle Does not contain bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Healthier Life from over 70 Trace Minerals
  • Complete Trace Mineral Spectrum
  • Healthier, Skin and Hair

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Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling stated, "Every sickness, disease and ailment is linked to a mineral deficiency or imbalance". Since minerals govern 95% of the body’s activities, it makes sense to pay attention to achieving sufficient levels of dietary minerals.

Where are the Minerals? The body must have a full spectrum of at least 70 minerals to experience full health. The problem however has been two-fold: Minerals are disappearing out of the food chain – even organic vegetables only contain between 15 and 22 minerals.

The supplements we buy are only 5-10% absorbable. In other words, we are lacking in minerals.

Imagine the awesome power of the sun harnessed into 70+ organic minerals. The Organic Colloidal Minerals range provides the most complete mineral supplements that can be obtained anywhere. Organic Colloidal Minerals are obtained from plants and are therefore truly organic. A daily one-ounce supplement of “Organic Colloidal Minerals” provides over 1,000 mg of a blend of approximately seventy-seven essential trace minerals.