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Your Data

This site aims is to store as little information about its visitors as possible. Meaning that no personal information is deliberately gathered. However, Google Analytics is installed to track how users interact with this site with the aim of:

  • Informing any future design decisions;
  • Tracking which links to external websites are followed;
  • Deciding future site content.

Further information on how Google Analytics can be found within the Google Analytics Details Page and the Google Privacy Policy. This information is stored by Google Analytics and viewed via their services.

If you decide to contact the owners of this website every precaution will be taken to store your data in a responsible way. Your data will only be used to provide you with an appropriate response and will only be stored for as long as necessary to respond.


The minimum number of cookies are stored within your web browser when using this site. Cookies are small files that are saved to your computer and are commonly used to track how you are interacting with various pages on the internet. Other cookies may be stored to your computers hard drive by external vendors when this website uses affiliate referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. Cookies such as these are not controlled by this website. The only cookies purposely added by this site that are saved to your computer are:

  • Various Google Analytics tracking cookies used to gather information about your visits (See "Your Data" section of this policy);
  • A single cookie called "natural-health-plus-cookie-confirm" is saved when you confirm that you are happy with the fact that cookies are saved within the sitewide notification bar. This cookie is solely used to ensure that the notification doesn't show for a period of 30 days.

Please ensure that you keep a regular eye on cookies that have been saved to your browsing device and ensure, in whichever way you see fit, that you and your data is secure. Our best efforts have gone into keeping you safe on our website, but we are not responsible for any malicious activity on this site or any other page you visit on the internet. Please browse with care.

Medical Disclaimer

Absolutely no information on this site should be considered as advice of any kind, especially medical advice. This site also doesn't actually sell anything and merely provides references to third-party sites, which you should assume are affiliate links as in the "Affiliate Marketing" section of this privacy policy, it is these third-party sites that make sales and therefore any purchase is nothing to do with this site. It is up to you as the visitor to discount all information found on these pages as nothing but starting points for your own research into your own circumstances and any possible additions or alterations to your lifestyle.

Again, no medical information is provided by this site and no information found on this site should be used to inform a purchasing decision or change in lifestyle.

External Links/Sites

The internet is a large and varied place and because of this; links, both inbound and outbound, associated with this site will be in existence. These links may be on or to a wide variety of sites including, but not limited to: social media platforms (possibly in the form of sharing options); information sites; and e-commerce stores. Some URLs are shortened, ensure you check where you are browsing is where you mean to be. Make sure you always assume that any website or information found on the internet could be potentially misleading and exercise personal precautions to mitigate any risk of misleading information. This site is not responsible for any malicious activity or misleading information you encounter at any time during your time upon the internet, even if it is part of your browsing history. You use the internet at your own risk, please be careful.

Affiliate Marketing

Assume that any outbound link from this site is an affiliate link. Affiliate links simply add a cookie to your browser once you have arrived on the site external to Natural Health Plus that associates any sales on the 3rd party website with this site. If you were to make a purchase on the 3rd party site a small commission is given to Natural Health Plus at no extra cost to you, the purchaser. These additional cookies are not managed by this site.

The right to make any amends to this policy is reserved. This policy was last updated on 2021-02-07. E&OE.