Friendly Bacteria for a Healthier Life The manufacturer recommends Probiotic14 is refrigerated on opening to maintain longevity and efficacy. Suitable for Adults, Children, Babies, Vegetarians and Vegans. Also Suitable for Cats and Dogs.

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Ever since humans walked on the earth they picked and ate fruit and vegetables from the ground which were covered in a certain aerobic bacteria. These bacteria have slowly colonized our digestive tract becoming a useful friend in helping us get and stay healthy. Modern-day use of pesticides and washing of everything that we consume has resulted in these friendly bacteria slowly becoming seriously deficient leaving us exposed to many symptoms. Supplementing to restore these friendly bacteria, which are now commonly known as Probiotics can bring many benefits.

Complete with FOS to nourish the friendly bacteria, Probiotic 14 help maintains the health of your whole digestive tract, improves the absorption of essential nutrients, helps to protect against harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune response to toxins in the body. Probiotic14 is a superior blend of 14 viable strains of friendly bacteria, containing 9 billion colony-forming units. For healthy mouth and gums, open a capsule, mix the contents with a small amount of food and chew slowly.

  • Avoid food allergies
  • Prevent herpes, fungus & parasites
  • Resolve Diarrhea
  • Plus much, much more
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