Quebra Pedra

Quebra Pedra
The stone breaker The gallbladder sits underneath the liver and acts as a reservoir for a substance called bile that is made in the liver and then passed into the digestive tract.

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The function of bile is to dissolve fat, a bit like washing-up liquid, so that it can be properly digested in the gut. Quebra Pedra is a small, erect annual herb that grows up to 30 or 40cm in height.

It is indigenous to the rainforests of Brazil, and to other tropical areas. Incidentally, the English term for this little plant is ''saxifrage'', which derives from the Latin and means - you guessed it - Stone Breaker.

Gallstones are common in Western society. Mostly, they are symptomless, although some seem to give rise to recurrent bouts of pain and discomfort (cholecystitis), usually felt in the upper right hand side of the abdomen.

Not only does quebra pedra block the stones from forming, it can also help you expel stones. Quebra pedra has a proven antispasmodic effect which helps prevent muscle spasms and relaxes the smoothe muscle within the urinary tarct making it easier to pass the stones.

  • Preventing further stones forming
  • Dissolving Kidney stones
  • Dissolving Gall stones
  • Plus much, much more
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