Serra Enzyme 80,000IU Super Capsules

Serra Enzyme 80,000IU Super Capsules
The miracle enzyme, with all it's anti-inflammatory effects, in a capsule The SerraEnzyme helps promote a Healthy Digestive System, Arteries, Body, and Lungs. Serra Enzyme 80,000IU Super Capsules are enteric coated to add a delay release property to this natural supplement.

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Serra Enzyme 80,000IU

Serra Enyme tablets are enteric coated, making them delay release. Meaning that that, when taken on an empty stomach, they take effect in the small intestine due to their delay release properties. This increases the effectiveness of the product, as they have more effect within the small intestine rather than the stomach.

Serra Enzyme is formulated with 80,000IU's of the 'Miracle Enzyme' in order to give the maximum benefit in the minimum time. Serrapeptase, the miracle enzyme, assists the body by helping removing and prevent dead tissue and unhealthy inflammation thus allowing healthy processes to function.

What on earth is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase was originally found in silkworms, occurring naturally in their intestines, and is now commercially processed in a laboratory through fermentation. This immunologically active enzyme is completely bound to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in biological fluids. Previous studies have uncovered the incredible anti-inflammatory properties of this natural 'miracle' enzyme.

'The mechanisms of action of serrapeptase, at the sites of various inflammatory processes consist fundamentally of a reduction of the exudative phenomena and an inhibition of the release of the inflammatory mediators. This peptidase induces fragmentation of fibrinous aggregates and reduces the viscosity of exudates, thus facilitating drainage of these products of the inflammatory response and thereby promoting the tissue repair process. Studies suggest that serrapeptase has a modulatory effect on specific acute phase proteins that are involved in the inflammatory process. This is substantiated by a report of significant reductions in C3 and C4 complement, increases in opsonising protein and reductions in concentrations of haptoglobulin, which is a scavenger protein that inhibits lysosomal protease.'

  • Healthier Body (inc. Digestion, Arteries, Lungs & Inflammation)
  • Enteric Coated for Delayed Release
  • Support for healthy joints and cartilage
  • Help for recovery from unhealthy inflammation
  • 4 for 3 promo
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