SerraPet 80,000IU Serrapeptase

SerraPet 80,000IU Serrapeptase
For your Animals' Healthy Lungs, Joints, and Tendons SerraPet is a nutritional enzyme supplement that is not found in the usual every day diet of your pet. The new formula of SerraPet has a major advantage over its predecessors as it provides a balanced strength, 80,000IU enteric coated tablets. This enable the absorption process to be much more effective than previous version of SerraPet that were on the market.

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The Serrapeptase (Miracle Enzyme) found within SerraPet, combined with a healthy lifestyle, helps promote better wellbeing within your pet. The benefits rang from improving your pet's inflammatory system to supporting joint, lungs and connective tissue.

Why choose SerraPet

Many people have the same health concerns for their Pets and are seeking an alternative to drugs. Many people report tier pets having problems with lungs, joints, cysts and tendons. When they choose SerraPet they quickly realise why this clever supplement of Serrapeptase was their best choice. Nothing may be more important than making the right decision when it comes down to YOUR Pet's health and Serrapeptase. Let's clarify why SerraPet may be the correct choice for your Pet.

SerraPet can benefit your pet

SerraPet has many benefits for you companion animal. These include, but are not exclusive to;

  • Breathes new life into the respiratory system to help reduce breathing difficulty and wheezing.
  • Provides a variety of nutrients to ptromote healthy cartilage and joint.
  • Helps relieve sinus & mucus problems
  • Along with Healthier tendons, inflammation and tissue.
  • Healthier Lungs, Sinus & Mucus problems
  • Healthier Joints & Tendons
  • Inflammation (after surgery, injury, etc)
  • Scar Tissue, Cysts, Mastitis
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