It can be challenging to maintain an ideal diet, rich in antioxidants. We have a range of dietary supplements including Astaxanthin for those who wish to increase their intake of antioxidants.

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Astaxanthin health supplements

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring chemical and is one of the strongest antioxidants, neutralising free radicals and offering many health benefits. It can be commonly found in marine organisms including salmon, trout, shrimp, krill, and algae. This carotenoid is what gives them their reddish colour. Astaxanthin has a reputation as one of the most effective antioxidants found naturally. It is a clinically significant antioxidant as it never adapts to bring destructive oxidisation in the body. We have astaxanthin available as a dietary supplement for those who wish to easily increase their intake of this nutrient.

What are the benefits of Astaxanthin?

The powerful antioxidant astaxanthin has been linked to a range of diverse health benefits, including:

It may also improve the functionality of the immune system and is taken as a supplement to ease the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, liver diseases, high cholesterol, age-related sight loss, and may be used as a cancer preventative.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are chemicals that inhibit oxidation, which in turn fights the production of harmful free radicals. They are found both naturally in animal and plant life and are made industrially. Our bodies naturally produce antioxidant defences, as well as a certain amount of free radicals which perform vital health functions. A balance needs to be maintained between free radicals and antioxidants to avoid oxidative stress, which can damage DNA. Health information site Healthline states that excessive free radicals can be formed due to lifestyle, stress and environmental factors including:

  • air pollution
  • cigarette smoke
  • alcohol intake
  • toxins
  • high blood sugar levels
  • radiation, including excessive sunbathing
  • high intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • bacterial, fungal, or viral infections
  • excessive intake of iron, magnesium, copper, or zinc
  • too much or too little oxygen in your body
  • intense and prolonged exercise, which causes tissue damage
  • excessive intake of antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E
  • antioxidant deficiency

While it is best to follow a diet rich in antioxidants, for those who are nutrient deficient or unable to follow a healthy diet, there may be a benefit to taking Astaxanthin supplements.

Who can take Astaxanthin?

Though astaxanthin is often found in krill oil, Natural Health Plus has a range of astaxanthin supplements in the UK. This iincludes capsules which are vegan and vegetarian friendly, derived with algae. They are ideal for those who do not consume many foods which are rich in astaxanthin, but who want the health benefits which astaxanthin may provide.

Browse our range of dietary supplements, including our astaxanthin capsules, to ensure you are getting all the health benefits that this antioxidant provides.