The sheer amount of olive benefits as staggering when looked at from the right angle. Cultivated in Crete around 3500 BCE, the olive tree is a beautiful specimen that can reach up to 12 meters with an abundance of branches. Olive leaves are a gorgeous deep green on top with a silvery undersurface, these leathery leaf adornments come in the shape of lances and are usually found in pairs on opposite sides of the trees peace symbolising braches.

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Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive, as with all other useful things found on our abundant earth, has many different names. Names such as Olea europaea, Cultivated Olive, European Olive, Olive Oil Plant, and (most boringly) Common Olive.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf benefits have evolved throughout the years. As easy as 3500 BC they were used to clean wounds. Ancient athletes wore olive leaves in the Olympic Games. The plant was even used to treat Malaria in the 1800s.

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits

Despite having an illustrious history, what is olive leaf extract good for us today? According to Healthline olive leaf extract can have the following benefits:

  • Reduction of cardiovascular risk;
  • Assistance in the treatment of diabetes;
  • Provides immunity boosts;
  • Inflammation reduction: Which can see Olive Leaf Extract benefits for your skin;
  • Cancer prevention;
  • Combats herpes;
  • Weight lost support;
  • Free radical eliminations;
  • Along with the lowering of blood pressure.

These advantages could be yours if the addition of Olive Leaf Extract capsules to your healthy lifestyle. As with all additions to your diet, you should check your personal needs with a professional and Olive Leaf Capsules are no exception.

Olive Oil

As well as Olive Leaf Extract, UK based people have been taking advantage of the Mediterranean diet. This diet is when you focus your eating and living habits to be similar to that of people from counties that share have their borders with the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Greece, Italy and France. As well as low consumption of dairy & meats it includes a lot of fruits & vegetables and unsaturated fats, Olive Oil is one of the unsaturated fats. This Mediterranean diet, according to the NHS has been linked with good health, including a healthier heart.

Web MD states that Olive Oil is mist commonly used for high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure.