Protease enzymes are vital for digestion. And although your body does produce these enzymes, sometimes you may not produce enough. Browse our range of protease supplements for optimum digestive health.

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Protease Enzyme

What Is Protease?

Proteases (also called proteolytic enzymes) are a group of digestive enzymes. Proteases are further broken down into seven main groups. These enzymes are important for digestion and are produced in the stomach, pancreas and small intestine.

Proteases are vital for several bodily functions and so are important for overall health.

What Does Protease Do?

Like all enzymes, proteases catalyse reactions within the body. Proteases are well known for being digestive enzymes, breaking protein down into amino acids.

However, protease has several other functions too. These enzymes also play roles in blood clotting, immune function, waste protein removal and cell division.

Protease Supplements

As protease enzymes are vital for many bodily functions, taking a supplement can be worthwhile. Although your body can produce this digestive enzyme naturally, adding more via protease capsules or tablets can have a range of benefits.

Benefits Of Protease Supplements

Taking protease as a supplement can have a number of beneficial effects. Firstly, it can help to aid the digestion of proteins. Therefore if you struggle to digest proteins, a supplement could be the answer. Othe protease benefits include:

  • Immune support;
  • Helping muscle recovery;
  • Healing of damaged tissue.

We supply a range of protease enzyme supplements to help with the above benefits. Whether you are looking for immune support or want to improve your gut health, a protease supplement could help. Our range includes protease tablets and capsules, as well as vegan protease.