Sometimes we all need a little help to get the correct amounts of everything we need in our diets. If you can't reach your recommended intake, supplements can help. Browse our range of supplements containing taurine to ensure you get enough in your diet.

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Sources of Taurine

What Is Taurine?

Although taurine is referred to as an amino acid, it is actually an amino sulfonic acid. Whilst amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, taurine has many other functions in the human body.

Taurine is found in large amounts in red blood cells, the brain, heart and the retina of the eye.

What Does Taurine Do?

Taurine has a number of important roles in the body such as:

  • Balancing electrolytes;
  • Regulating the immune system;
  • Creating bile salts;
  • Regulating calcium levels in certain cells;
  • Supporting the development of the nervous system.

Taurine Benefits

As well as the important functions in the body, taurine may have a number of other health benefits, such as:

  • Promoting eye health;
  • Protecting the brian from ageing;
  • Boost exercise performance;
  • Protecting muscles;
  • Promoting healthy metaboloism;
  • Protect the heart.

Sources of Taurine

Taurine can be made in the adult body from amino acids. Despite this, some people may still struggle to get enough taurine.

Luckily, taurine can be found in food. The main sources of taurine are meat, fish and eggs. For vegans and vegetarians, there are synthetic supplements available.

You can also find taurine in energy drinks, but these are not a recommended source due to the high amounts of other ingredients.

Taurine Supplements

If you are unable to make enough taurine, you may benefit from taking taurine supplements. We have a range of supplements available from tablets to sprays. We also supply vegan taurine supplements.

If you are worried about having a taurine deficiency or want a little extra support for areas of your body that taurine can help with, a taurine supplement may be the solution. But before taking any new supplement, be sure to consult your doctor.