Thera Tears

Thera Tears
Natural Relief for Dry Eyes Thera Tears is a gentle lubricant that matches your natural tears and provides relief for your "dry eye."

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If you have sandy, gritty irritated eyes or burning eyes, and these symptoms get worse as the day goes on, you're probably one of millions with the problem eye doctors call 'dry eye.'

Why do your eyes product tears?

Did you ever wonder why the eye is covered by tears? It's because the delicate living tissue on the surface of your eye has no blood supply-it has a tear supply instead. So rather than getting important things like oxygen and electrolytes from the blood, your eye surface gets them from the watery layer of your tears.

So, what happens in a dry eye?

In dry eye the tear film on the eye surface loses water because of either decreased tear production or increased evaporation. And as evaporation continues throughout the day, your eyes feel drier and drier.

How are dry eyes caused?

The most common cause of dry eye is aging. As we get older we produce fewer tears, and evaporation increases. Other common causes include contact lens wear, sun, wind, dry air, reading, computer use and certain medications. Dry eye is seen with certain diseases such as Sjögren's syndrome as well.

Do you remember why the eye surface has a tear film? Because it needs a source of oxygen and electrolytes.TheraTears (Lubricant Eye Drops, or artificial tears) is a unique dry eye product because it contains a patented electrolyte balance that precisely matches that in the human tear film, so they feel as comfortable as natural healthy tears. And TheraTears really works because it both lubricates and moisturizes dry irritated eyes providing soothing, long-lasting, and cumulative dry eye relief.

Thera Tears in preservative-free single-use containers is designed to saturate dry eyes, providing the dosing that is ideal for very dry eyes. For maximum hydration and relief of dryness doctors may recommend splitting the entire contents of one container between both eyes within a 5-minute period after opening, at least 4 times a day.

TheraTears comes in a foil pouch to ensure that it is as fresh as natural tears

  • Contains All Natural Ingredients
  • Lubricates & Moisturizes
  • Provides Preservative-Free Natural Hydration
  • Provides Long-Lasting Relief
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