Topical Supplements

If you would rather not take supplement pills, you can still take natural supplements. Instead, look into topical supplements. We supply a range of topical supplements that may help with a variety of health issues.

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Ancient Minerals Magnesium 237ml Spray

Topical Health Care

What Is A Topical Supplement?

Topical supplements differ from our other natural supplements as they do not need to be swallowed. Instead they are applied directly to the skin or other surface issues. Depending on the supplement it will either affect the local area or be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported around the body.

What Is Available As A Topical Supplement

Our topical health care includes a range of creams, bath salts and eye drops. These include topical vitamins and minerals.

Many of these supplements are good for the skin, as they are directly applied there. For instance, take a look at our range of topical magnesium for help with a range of skin conditions.

There are also hormonal creams available. These are topical as the digestive system will break the hormones down before they can affect the body.

Browse our range of topical health care, that can help with a range of issues and not just the skin.