Our creams may help with a wide range of issues, from skincare to hormonal imbalances. Creams are a type of topical supplement, which means that they are not swallowed but are instead applied to surface cells.

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Topical cream & ointment

What Is A Topical Cream

A topical cream is not ingested but instead applied to the skin. Natural supplement creams are applied directly to the skin and are readily absorbed. They either treat issues at the site of application or are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Our natural supplement ointments include a range of vitamins, hormones and minerals to help with a variety of ailments.

What Are Creams Used For?

Our creams may help with a variety of issues, such as creams for eczema and hormonal imbalances.

Some natural supplements are better administrated as creams as they would be damaged or destroyed by the digestive system. Because of this, we have a range of transdermal creams which are applied to the skin. The creams are then absorbed and transported around the body via the bloodstream.

Alternatively, some creams treat the skin that they are applied to. Eczema creams are an example of this.

For skin conditions and hormonal imbalances, a topical cream could help out. So take a look at our range to find the right topical cream.