Eye Drops

Eye drops are a topical treatment that can help with a number of eye complaints. Keep your eyes healthy with our range of natural eye drops.

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Eye drops for dry eyes

How Do Eye Drops Work?

Eyes need proper hydration to keep them healthy. This hydration protects them from dust and debris, as well as providing lubrication. When eyes are dehydrated they can become sore, itchy and red.

Eye drops work by interacting with the tears in your eyes. The action of blinking then helps to spread the drops around the eye. This helps to moisturise the surface of the eye, provided relief to the discomfort of a dehydrated eye.

Eye drops may also contain ingredients to help with a variety of eye issues.

What Are Eye Drops For?

Eye drops can help with a variety of conditions. From red and itchy eyes to minor eye injuries, eye drops may help.

Our range contains eye drops for dry eyes, for repair and to remove floaters. If you regularly suffer from dry eyes our natural eye drop range could hold the solution.