Vitamin C From Plants

Vitamin C From Plants
Natural Complex Contains High Levels of Vitamin C to Increase Energy.

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Plant derived High Dose Vitamin C Plus is a natural complex and does not come from synthetic sources, as produced by the drug companies. It is useful in maintaining protein collagen of the tissues, helping to heal wounds, scar tissue, and fractures. It also gives strength to blood vessels helps with infection, and aids in absorption.

Created out of plant-cell nutriments rather than USP grade vitamins, with unparalleled absorption, these extraordinary materials are well tolerated even by those who are sensitive to regular vitamins. You can feel the difference. Plant-cell supplements are safer, more effective, and exceed the absorption, retention, and utilization of any form of USP vitamin/mineral supplement on the market today, regardless of brand name, source or price.

  • Absorbs 1.87 times greater than synthetic/USP Ascorbic Acid
  • Contains 100% Plant-cell Vitamin C
  • Powerful Immune System Booster
  • Increases Stamina and Alertness
  • 4 for 3 promo
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